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Hey… do what your whispers say: “Take me 'cross the Rubicon.”

Fate… disfavored life—cast aside.

Turn your eyes away. Estrange. Obey.
There is nothing wrong with disregard.

Lies… take everything then tell you you’re all for naught.
Praise… faith only feeds you as far as the mind allows.
Therein lies… the hope that you felt was merely your shallow mind.
Let’s never repeat this, so kill it before it grows.

We are losing—face down—screaming.
I won’t deny an easy end.

Hey… do what’s been said: “Your only fear is what is real.”

I’d die for one extra breath—a way forward.

Emptiness that's never gone... while I face it all alone, my sake is taken granted.
I’m not ready, not ready to come undone. Not done...

For once I’m gonna stand right… where you have... you’ve flooded it all.
I know I’ll lose time, but I’m taking it all.
I’m gonna take this fall now, and sink my ship once and for all; here, this night.
But you’ll be the only one here left dying in the sun.

Though we were waiting for a look inside the extended palm of an open eye.
I am not the only one here who would, who could, who should perceive this lie.

Before the end, we all had gone too far.
We were living another lie inside while breaking the windows in on another life.
Our bright... my bright idea.

Finally I realize… you’ve fought me out.
My dreams; you dreamt me out.

But I’m not breathing now—I am living face down.

Realign, identify, open your eyes.

Fading in and out of conscious life, these fantasies flood in with audacity.
Wakening to find I’m still alive.

Don’t be fooled now by another lie.
I am not holding back this torrent anymore.
You are flaking off—not where I belong.
I'm brewing for a comeback: you must part from me now.
Part from me now.

Consequence presents a solemness, so immense and ominous.
Strung along into a maze you've built to prove your self-dominance—my life’s influence.

Kill it before it grows.

Eyes… once twice forgotten, they stare in disbelief.
Left behind… never retreat.
We will face abandonment, so bear in mind… we’ll never repeat this, so kill it before it grows.


from Of Imaginary Friends and Enemies Unknown, released April 12, 2018
Kill It Before It Grows
From the EP: Of Imaginary Friends and Enemies Unknown
Released 13 April 2018

Engineering by Cedric @ Inversion Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Brendon Williams


all rights reserved



A Porcupine's Narrative Singapore

The extreme balance of power & sound in A Porcupine’s Narrative traces back to a search for the perfect players to create visionary new Metal. After scouring the globe to harvest the best of the best – four pillars of talent remained. With players coming from all corners of the world including Singapore, Australia, and the USA – their diversity quickly created a powerfully identifiable style. ... more

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