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Snake, rise.
Feign injury; from your pulpit cry.

Clawing as you climb to the top of your tower of lies, show conviction: deny the evidence, call them pestilence, quote the credulous—constructing empires—like a coward in denial.

Writhing in hellfire (on an exodus of reason and rhyme) for a taste of pure desire.

The Cry Craven relies on self-deception to conjure the will to fight back all the voices who know we lie.
Cover my eyes and slither into this masquerade where I won't be recognized.
I'm drowning out my fears with lullabies.
Why am I beholden to this?

Crying as you coil deep inside of your spineless disguise (self-eviction): deny the evidence, call them pestilence, quote the credulous—archaic empires—like a coward in denial.

Facade: fading. The fire: gaining.
Lost track while blaming. My pedestal is shaking.

Snake awakens. Tongue split wide, just like your pulpit and your lies.

Your fantasy is crumbling around you. Slither down; face the reality.
You've built this cage to protect you, but minds in cages are never free.

Why is this all going up in flames? Surely I can't be to blame.

I think I can put it back together, although many parts must be rearranged.
Parlay blame into a gain.
My official plea is plain:

The cry craven denies their contributions and bolstering of this fight.
Uncover my eyes, a miserable lie.
Confusing sounds resounding...

Why do I feel paralyzed? Drowning in my fears, I forfeit life.
Yet, I'm still beholden to this.
(Trauma dies hard.)

Cowering as you crawl to the end of your recreant life (dereliction): deny the evidence, call them pestilence, quote the credulous o'er smouldering fires, like a coward in denial.

Fire: consuming. Emptiness: looming.
Nothing remaining... but empty cries and cravings.
Just empty cries and cravings.
Just empty cries...


from Of Imaginary Friends and Enemies Unknown, released April 12, 2018
The Cry Craven
From the EP: Of Imaginary Friends and Enemies Unknown
Released 13 April 2018

Engineering by Cedric @ Inversion Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Brendon Williams


all rights reserved



A Porcupine's Narrative Singapore

The extreme balance of power & sound in A Porcupine’s Narrative traces back to a search for the perfect players to create visionary new Metal. After scouring the globe to harvest the best of the best – four pillars of talent remained. With players coming from all corners of the world including Singapore, Australia, and the USA – their diversity quickly created a powerfully identifiable style. ... more

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